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Online Roulette systemNo matter which game you care to choose, there are always people who look for ways to get the most from it, little tricks to edge victory nearer to them. Roulette is no different and there are a host of basic roulette systems that can help you get the most from the world’s most loved casino game.

Of course it is always worth mentioning that there is only one winner in roulette, and that is the wheel. Whatever roulette system you employ you can never guarantee success in what is and always will be a game of chance, no amount of mathematic equations can predict what number the ball will land on.

However, do not think that having a clear strategy or roulette system cannot help you, it can, but maybe not in the way you think or have been told. There are certainly plenty of places around that say they can offer a system that will guarantee a win for you, but they cannot, and should be avoided. However some of the classic and genuine roulette systems can enhance your game, but not by beating the wheel, but by shortening the odds against you and helping you to keep hold of your playing money for longer.

If you are a beginner then you may have found that your betting patterns are inconsistent and sometimes you feel you are shooting without aim. Not being able to predict where the ball will finish on the wheel means there is always this element of risk in online roulette but even if you are just starting your wheel spinning adventure, you will find that there are systems that can aid you.

There are numerous roulette systems and many cover advanced strategies and betting plays, however as a beginner you will be looking for something easier to help you get reward and excitement from your online roulette experience. Below is a common but still great roulette system that can be applied, but remember, it does not guarantee success.

Five Numbers Roulette System

The five numbers roulette system focuses on a series of inside bets (see our inside bets guide for full info) and as the name suggests you will focus on betting on five straight up numbers. Your odds of success on each will be 35 to 1, and you will use a basic maths equation to keep betting on these five numbers until you claim a win. Depending on whether you are playing American or European roulette you can also use 0 or 00 as your chosen five numbers.

The selection of the five numbers is totally up to you, but a lot of people treat it like a lottery and choose important personal numbers such as birthdays. Now here is the system and the important info.

Once you have chosen your five numbers you will need to find a very specific type of online roulette game, one with a AUD5 or less minimum bet to be exact. Once you have your five numbers (remember each carries the same odds of success) and you have found your game (AUD5 limit or less) then you now need to buy 40 AuD1 chips (total AUD40).

Next you need to bet one chip on each one of your selected numbers and keep doing it until you win. With your 40 AUD1 chips you have enough for 8 rounds of betting, if you fail to win in any of the 8 tries then you are out, and you must remain out or start again. This is an important rule when applying roulette systems, you must know your limit and stick with it otherwise you will find yourself down large amounts of money.

If you do claim a win within your first 8 rounds (hopefully the first) then you will win back 35 chips, and now the system moves into gear. Next you will now place an even amount of chips on your original five chosen numbers, so that would be 7 chips on each number to make up your 35 won chips. If you are lucky enough to get a win again you will claim 7 x 35 which will give you winnings of AUD245.00.

Again if you fail at this point then you will have to start the system again, but you will at least have some of your original 40 $1 chips to carry on with.

If you manage to win on the 7 x 35 win then you could walk away here with a healthy sum of money over your original wager, but if you feel lucky or brave you can opt to bet a portion of your winnings for a higher reward. Split 100 $1 chips onto your five numbers which equates to 20 chips on each number and you could claim a further $700. You can keep doing this with a percentage of any winnings until the system fails.

This is a fine example of a basic roulette system, which as you can see by no means guarantees success but gives a good base to have a chance at continued wins. You could quite easily fall at the first hurdle, and for the most part you will, but the rewards for success are not to be sniffed at.

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